Top 5 Android Apps by SincSoftWare.CoM




Top 5 Android Apps by SincSoftWare.CoM




Click Me



Click Me is a reminder app.That helps to set reminders in just two clicks on the app screen.This app is so much
simple and have a user friendly interface too. Click Me reminds you whenever you want if you are too busy and forgetting things these days then Click Me will help you to memorize what you have to do at which time.The most
interesting fact about Click Me is that in other reminder apps you can set reminder by texts only but in Click Me you can set reminder using numerous of things like contacts,voice recordings , pictures , screenshots etc and you can simply set the time at which you the information to pop up.By SincSoftWare.CoM


Kustom Widget Maker

Kustom Widget Maker is very interesting app with a great User Interface and with ease of use.You can make customized widgets using Kustom Widget Maker for your home screen and lock screen you can make and customize almost every thing means you can make widget of each and everything in your phone such as music player,clock,voice recorder,camera,apps and astronomy widget etc.So if you love your phone and you want to make your phone look more cool then you must try Kustom Widget Maker . Nothing is bad about this app and if you don’t understand nothing is good too.So go for it try it and if don’t like then you can simply uninstall.



Hooks is a notification app.Hooks is developed to keep you up to date about the things you like the most such as latest
released movie-serial as well,upcoming cricket fixtures,or tweet from somebody who can be your idol like Tom Cruise,Pears
Brosnan,Brad Pitt,JOhnny Depp,Logan Paul,Robert Downey Jr.So if you are using Hooks you will be up to date anytime anywhere.
Hooks also provides you to select from categories that you like the most and you want to get notification of.So using Hooks
is quite simple guys because its User Interface is so much clear cut and you don’t need to learn Hooks its so simple to use
Hooks really its so simple.So go for it guys download Hooks and be up to date guys because its so necessary now-a-days to
be up to date,as peoples are spending money to on some places to be up to date everytime.



sincsoftware.comMailWise is the app that helps you to manage multiple gmail or any email accounts from the single app.If you are searching
for app cloner or such kind of apps that can help you to manage your multiple email accounts then you are at perfect place and now you can stop your searching now.This app is quite simple to use guys so don’t worry about how to use just download it and use it. MailWise has a clean User Interface and very much simple to use as if you are searching for some kind of app cloner then its better than that.



IF is very advanced app to make your life so much easier.If you post the same thing in instagram then in facebook and then
in twiter then IF will make it automatic for you.The only thing you have to do is to install IF app and then you will notice
that your life is becoming easier day by day.The app is not so much difficult to use but some advanced features like if you want when you enter your home then fan start automatically then IF will make it possible for you.So you may have to do some research for it.But don’t worry its not so difficult,a little bit difficult.So go for it guys download it use it make your life easier then before.



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