Top Android Games by SincSoftWare.CoM


Top Android games by SincSoftWare.CoM


Clash of Clans

sincsoftware.comCOC is on top from the first day and it is till now at the top of the Playstore and Appstore if we are talking about strategy games.It was Published on 2 Aug 2012 for iOS device and for android devices on 7 Oct 2013.It was developed by supercell. by SincSoftWare.CoM



Clash Royale

sincsoftware.comClash Royale is also an great strategy games developed by supercell.It was released in 4 Jan 2016 and got AMD eSports Audience Award.Clash Royale is card collecting game and a real                                                                    time strategy game.



Last Day On Earth:survival

sincsoftware.comThis is a zombie survival game. Last day on earth was published by Kefir and is very horror type good game and a great time eater . You will be never get bored of playing Last Day On Earth.



Candy Crush Saga

sincsoftware.comCandy Crush saga is very famous and also very good time pass.You can play candy crush offline too. It was published on 12 April 2012 by King games. Candy Crush Saga runs on almost all platforms.It is a brain game but not much like its a puzzle type game but not much.


Coin Master

sincsoftware.comCoin Master is a great online game.You can attack your facebook friends and you can also raid and steal your friends money.It was developed by Moon Active. Everyday in 24 hours you will get spins and there you can win money and to earn money in every 1 hour you will get 5 spins and you can win money or attack or shield or extra spins. When your level is upgraded you can bet x2 and x3 spins on higher levels.


Asphalt 8:Airborne

sincsoftware.comAsphalt 8 is developed by Gameloft and is on top of racing games for android. Airborne is an online multiplayer and single player game and it has an older version too but as version updates game upgrades and new facilities are added and older bugs are fixed.It was published on 22 Aug 2013.It runs on almost every OS.


Critical OPS

sincsoftware.comCritical ops is a great shooting game.In Critical ops you can fight against or as terrorists.You can play with your friends too or with other online players you can collab too because they have very much stronger online community. If you have played so many online shooting games and you need a change then you can try Critical OPS.


Pokemon Go

sincsoftware.comIt is a great type realistic game it merges real world and gaming world using your phones camera making the game more interesting to play. You must have seen Pokemon cartoon serials on Disney XD or somewhere else this game is totally designed on pokemon cartoon serial.You can collect cards and catch pokemons buy pokeballs and  different type of cards and much more.


Sky Force Reloaded

sincsoftware.comThis is a new game in the gaming world of sky force shooting type games.You have to defeat villains and avoid enemies bullets and bombs.The best thing about this game is that its graphics are improved and so much type realistic cartoons.If you have played other sky shooter or spaceship shooter type games then you can try this one for some good and better experience.



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