Top 5 Video Editing SoftWares by SincSoftWare

Top 5 Video Editing SoftWares by SincSoftWare.CoM


AVS Video Editor

AVS video editor can make your editing life full of comfort it can be your first choice in
paid video editing world. A professional-quality Video editor and very easy and simple to use your 10 year old boy can also make a professional video using AVS video editor. AVS Video Editor is developed by Online Media Technologies.It supports Blu-ray videos and has a huge amount of effects.So it can be a better option for you to start your editing SincSoftWare.CoM

OS : Windows

Input formats : AVI,MP4,WMV,FLV,MPG,3GP,AMV,DAT,VCD etc.

Output Formats : AVI,MP4,WMV,SWF,FLV,MPG etc.

Key Features : HD Support,Undestroyable Editing,single video track,dual audio track.



Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premier Pro is a popular and very effective video editing software for beginners its mainly time based video edtior for windows and mac. If you buy it then it can be an awesome software for you. So it can be a better option for you.


OS : Windows,Mac and Cloud

Formats : Each and every video format even some of them will you see first time.

Key features : HD Support,Multi track editing,story board mode, unlimited video and audio tracks,linear timecode display and NDE.



Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video editing tool that is used by the professional film makers to edit movies some of the movies are : The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Which is developed by Apple Inc. Most important feature of this software is its impressive user
interface and also some Keyboard shortcuts and lots of things to do, only thing you need is to buy the software or you can also use trail version.

OS : Mac

Input Formats : Each and every type of video that you can think.

Output Formats : All you need.

Key Features : HD Support, Undestroyable editing, storyboard mode, upto 99 video and audio tracks.



Sony Vegas Movie Studio

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is easy to use,have simple user interface and it is for passionate people who’s life is all about video editing and editing is everything for there life editing means every thing in their life. But they can’t spend that much money on softwares. For this kind of people Sony developed Sony Vegas Movie Studio to make their dreams real and their videos
realasitc. Sony Vegas Studio comes with so many effects and transitions and text and features. So if you don’t want to spend but passionate about video editing then Sony Vegas Movie Studio can be a great option for you.According to us.

OS : Windows

Input Formats : MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, MPEG-4 etc.

Output Formats : AVI, MP4, MPEG-4, WMV, WAV etc.




Lightworks is the best ever video editor you have ever used. It provides you realtime effects powerful background support, multicam editing, impressive user interface and much more. We guarntee that you will forgot any other software after using lighworks. Import and export qualities are very much appreciative and if you have tried so many editing software before and you need something different then you are at correct place and a great software is waiting for you, as in a way it is waiting for you to download it.So keep in view the things that this software can do for you. The list of its effects is very big so we can’t write them here. But we think that you understand. So give it a try guys or you can choose some other software as per your need. But my opinion is that this is the best for video editing. So go for it guys.

OS : Windows and Mac and Linux

Input Formats : Each and every video format in this world.

Output Formats : Each and every type of video format you can choose.

Key Features : HD Support, Undestroyable video editing, storyboard mode, unlimited video
tracks and audio tracks, linear time code display.

Download – 32 bit

Download – 64 bit


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